About Us

B. Blossom is not just a catering business, it is a Bronx experience. Its owners are Bronx's residents who have a passion for fine food that is delicious, appetizing and nutritious. As they experience the blossoming of the Bronx, they also desire to offer a blossoming culinary experience to its many customers. 

As one of the owners said,

"As a resident of the Bronx, for the last twenty-five years and working in the health industry observing the problems that exist with diabetes and obesity I wanted to do my part to help fight these diseases through food. I became impregnated with the idea to help make this community a healthy one. So, B Blossom was birthed. B.Blossom simply put is the blossoming of the Bronx what I saw and what it is today. Our aim is to provide a healthy and unique eating experience with food utilizing fresh and organic ingredients and biodegradable products. We are concern not only with the health of our clients but also the environment. We provide customized menus for all occasions. The foundation of our food is plant base, catering to vegetarian, vegans and non-vegetarian alike. We are a crossover catering company. Simply put we meet the culinary needs of all our customers in the same environment."